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Choosing an attorney is an important decision. You need a firm with experience and a verifiable track record.
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We Know Criminal Law

Get the basics on Indiana's laws for driving while under the influence. Understanding the applicable law is your first step towards a successful defense.
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Top Mistakes the Police Make

We can help you identify key defenses for your case including mistakes made by the arresting officer
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Know Your Rights

If you've been arrested, its important to know your rights and how you can protect them.
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Shapiro & Lozano, Bloomington, IN Defense Attorneys

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Sam Shapiro and Joe Lozano are criminal defense attorneys based out of Bloomington, Indiana. If you've been accused of a crime, your best defense is to hire knowledgeable representation. You owe it to yourself to schedule an initial consultation with Shapiro & Lozano.
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Top 10 Mistakes Police Officers Make in a DUI Case

If you’ve been arrested for Operating While Intoxicated, it is likely that your arresting officer made a mistake or two along the way. It happens every day. At Shapiro and Lozano, we know the law and we know your rights.
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Know Your Constitutional Rights

As an American citizen you are protected from being abused by the legal system. The right attorney can ensure that you receive fair treatment and justice. Even if you've been accused of a DUI, it is imperative that your rights were given at every stage in the legal process.
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Glossary of OWI Terms

Have you been arrested for OWI? You're probably hearing a lot of legal jargon that is new to you. Take a few minutes to check out our complete glossary of common OWI legal terms. Read More

Need Help Choosing an Attorney

Choosing an attorney can be tricky. What should you look for? How much experience is needed for your type of case? We've put together this helpful list of things to look for. Read More

More About the Attorneys

Here's your chance to get to know us and our firm a little better. If you're in trouble with the law, come in to meet with our legal team.

Attorney Shopping List

We've compiled this list of questions to ask any attorney who wants to represent you for a criminal offense. This attorney shopping list will help you evaluate qualifications and determine if you're making the right decision.Read More

Things You Should Know

Ignorance is NOT a defense. Here is a list of things you should know about the laws regarding OWI or other criminal offenses. If you've been arrested this list can help you understand your rights. Read More